30 April 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons... Throw The Damn Things Back!

Afternoon babes!

A while back when I was checking my local fabric shop's remnant table (Rolls and Rems in Holloway - and boy do I love that remnant table!) I came across a few meters of this fabulous black-and-off-white-striped cotton, which is near enough a canvas but without the crazy stiffness.

Having sat in my stash for possibly about a year with a thought in my mind to create a cute/spooky vibe by making a circle skirt out of it, I finally sat down - suffering from flu symptoms and tonsillitis, I'd like to add - and started cutting out the damn thing. 

Now, you might ask why I thought it was necessary to mention I was ill when I was making this skirt. My dears, in my flu-high, I managed to cut the thing arse about face and ended up with a centre back seam that was... well... a little fucked up. After a dash back to Rolls and Rems and the sadness of not having more fabric, I sat down and decided to take my scissors to my pattern pieces in a desperate attempt to salvage the project.

And damn, if that doesn't look like a purposely-decided design feature, I don't know what does! 

So I should possibly explain. Since my skirt has side seam pockets and a centre back zip, I had a half-circle for the front and two quarter-circles for the back. 3/4ths of this skirt was perfect and matchy-matchy. Sadly that last quarter panel was pretty much an exact copy of the other, instead of a mirror. Boo.
So with a little bit of brainstorming and some help from Rosie, I decided to split by back panels into eighths and take off an eighth either side of the front panel and mix it all up so that the panels' mixed directions look a little less like a mistake! My visual help looked like this, if you were somewhat confused.

Whew. That was wordy. Anyway. It worked out pretty nicely, I'd say! The directions look they were meant to be there instead of a solution to a silly problem, even if I did mess up for a second time and accidentally switched around two panels (Points go to anyone who can spot my mistake ;D).

Literally the only other thing I dislike about this skirt is I made the holes to the pockets just a tad too small. That's it! I don't think I've been this happy with an item I've made in so long!

Necklace: Vintage
Top: Primark (last year)
Belt: Collectif
Bangles: Splendette

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