3 May 2016

Me Made May!

We're going to pretend I'm not completely late for sign up or pledging, here!

If you happen to be part of the sewing blogosphere, MMMAY is nothing new, and you're probably bombarded already by blog and Instagram posts. But for those followers I have that are scratching their heads, let me explain!

Me Made May was the brain child of So, Zo... six years ago as encouragement for people who make their own clothes to actually wear and learn from their handmade garments. It consists of pledging to a personal goal and keeping to it (something I'm bloody awful at) so why not?
So, for the world to see! This is my pledge;

 'I, Melody of bourbonandbras.blogspot.co.uk and the instagram @melodymae, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear self made garments at the very least three times a week through the duration of May 2016. Each day will be recorded on Instagram, and a weekly roundup will be posted on Wednesdays on my blog.

I'm hoping this will bring me a lot of inspiration for holes in my wardrobe, as well as ideas for future and present blog posts.

You can follow my progress on Instagram @MelodyMae, which will be hash tagged with the official #mmmay16 tags, plus all future hand made outfits will feature the hashtag #melodymade, too!
I'll see you next Wednesday to see just how well we're doing.

Is anyone else joining?

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