2 April 2016

Twilight Tartan

On the first official day of spring (AKA, it was actually nice outside) I tried to rope my best friend into taking some photos of a dress for me. Unfortunately shopping and eating ridiculous burgers took up the day and we kind of forgot to take pictures until the evening. Oops.

So today I wanted to show off yet another - and my latest version of my modified B5880 dress (previous versions can be seen here), this time in a gorgeous tartan! 

As with all the other B5880's, this dress has undergone some real changes from the original pattern - namely, that there's no neckline notches, and I've done away with the sarong skirt in favour of my favourite skirt style - the pleated dirndl!.
This version also has bias-bound neckline and arms, a concealed side zip and possibly the biggest pockets on a dress to date - it fits an A4 magazine with a bit of room.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you might know that in summer I get a little... gingham mad - and in the winter I switch straight to tartans - I'm a big fan of grid-based patterns, it seems! This dress in particular was made for the Christmas Mid-Century Market run by Bettina Scarlett back in December the night before the event, and went together like a dream! 

The fabric itself is a lovely mid-weight wool blend Stewart tartan with a great texture, snuggly warmth and is light enough to hang well, but stiff enough to keep shape, which is my perfect sort of fabric!

Necklace; Vintage
Brooch; Luxulite
Belt; Vintage
Bangles; Vintage and Splendette
 Bag;  Sun Jellies
Shoes; Primark

So this dress is currently still in heavy rotation, regardless of the fact that the sun has been shining brightly over London recently - I'm wondering, though, does anyone else have a small obsession with certain patterns?

Have a lovely weekend, dolls!

Melody x

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