8 July 2015


Hair Flowers - Lady Lucks Boutique
Cardigan & Belt - Collectif
Brooch - Luxulite
Dress - Handmade
Bangle - Charity Shop
Shoes - Marks & Spencer 

Excuse my squinty eyes - it's been bright outside lately, almost summer-like, which is surprising for us Britons!

Also it might be because I am BLINDED BY HOW BLOODY PINK MY HAIR IS.

Yes, you're seeing this right, after four and a half years of the same red, I had a little nudge to go pink. It's not permanent (it's for a special event of which I can hopefully share with you soon!), mainly because I've come to realise that I have nothing to go with pink. This outfit will be my default for the next few weeks!

What's your thoughts, guys?


4 July 2015

Platform Closed - More Gingham, Less B5880!

squinty mcsquinterson
So. We've established by now that I'm useless at sticking to deadlines, right? Right.
This dress was made for Sew Retro Rose's Swirlalong... which finished in NOVEMBER.
Yes, you heard that correct, a whole seven months after the deadline closed I'm showing you my dress! It was finished in some point in March, actually, and was left aside for so long simply because it went so wrong. And I'm not sure about you guys, but once things start going wrong I have to walk away before I cut the damn thing to pieces - and sometimes it takes months to come back to it!

5 April 2015

Goodbye March, Hello April!

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Happy Easter!
I hope you're all eating a plethora of chocolate, spending a lovely day with family and/or friends! Unfortunately I'm stuck at work, but I've had a lovely weekend off with my boyfriend eating really bad food and watching Fifth Element. Multipass!

March has now been and gone, it's taken a precious hour of my beauty sleep away from me, and in return has given me some sunshine, good times, good food and a hell of a lot of birthdays.

I'm updating Instagram more and more lately, and this is a little mix of the things I've done recently. Dirty (but good) food from Bodean's, drunken selfies in Fontaine's toilets (classy), more good food from Hawksmoor and Chin Chin Labs, a beautiful Spring morning in Clissold Park, this adorable Turkish Restaurant in Drury Lane; and followed up with a picture of an outfit with a recently finished me-made dress, being a picnic blanket (blog post to come.)

How has your March been?
I'm still looking forward to Spring turning up and helping me kick my bad habits away - currently I have a big problem with wanting to sleep all the time and definitely not wanting to do the adult things. Like not spend money on new shoes I don't need, or wanting to go to work, or getting in and out of bed at acceptable times. Tell me, do those mystical "people with their shit together" people actually exist?

If so. Tell me your secrets.

Away from that. How goddamn amazing is this fabric from Tuppence Ha'Penny's Spoonflower? I'm in love with her whole Cocktail Hour line as it is just so great - perfect if you're a Midcentury-loving alcoholic like myself!

And speaking of fabric, everyone's favourite sewist released a new line recently - Gertie went and made fabric! This Horrockses-esque stripe is by far my favourite, although that windowpane chiffon with bows would almost make me consider working with chiffon (we all know it's the fabric of the devil.) I said almost.

I'm actually looking for some good fabric at the moment because I'm somewhat uninspired on the sewing front after finally finishing my bloody Swirl dress three months after Beccie's Swirl-along deadline. I've mentioned it before but I'm the worst at sewing for a deadline - any tips for organising my time better would be much appreciated!
Is there anything you've got your eye on at the moment, or any projects on the go?

I wanted to end this post with a bit of positivity, today in the form of the Artist Carol Rosetti. These are just two images from her expansive gallery, picked in particular due to their resonance with myself and my body issues. This set is wonderful, and expresses positivity in all walks of life, from body to age, gender, image, sexuality, disability and other things few and far between.

I'm currently on a mission to kick my mental health, to accept every part of me and to love myself.

I wish you all love and happiness, and the ability to love and accept yourselves too!
Have a great weekend,

Melody ♪

28 March 2015

My Vintage Wardrobe on My Daily

Good afternoon darlings! How have you been? I've had a pretty disastrous two weeks full of forgetting people's birthdays (six birthdays in my family in the last two weeks alone!) and working my arse off, so I'm a bit behind with the things I've wanted to do!

If you haven't been keeping an eye on my Twitter and Instagram last couple of weeks, you may not have heard about this little thing I did back in January - Me and the babe that is Siobhan were invited to do a photoshoot and article for My Daily!

The photoshoot was in the Collectif Spitalfields shop (which I run, in case you've never heard be bang on about that), and was a feature for My Daily's "My Vintage Wardrobe" feature, but we wanted to put an emphasis on Reproduction Clothing (and Collectif in particular, of course.) We find in the vintage scene that Repro is sort of looked-down-upon by a lot of people, so we wanted to show that you can have a beautiful vintage-styled wardrobe without the vintage!

Alongside the gorgeous photos, we had a little interview about our style and the role that vintage plays in it - Click Here to read more about it!  (and don't judge me for sounding like a tool - INTERVIEWS ARE WEIRD)

Let me know what you think of it, and have a beautiful weekend! 


14 March 2015

A Check-ah Check-ah, Check-ah Check-ow

I have a thing for Gingham.
I don't know exactly why I love it so much, but there's something about gingham that draws me into it. This cotton gingham in particular is a dream to work with - large woven check, behaves itself and although it can fray easily (as with most cotton) pinking is no problem for seam finishes.

Hair Flowers; Lady Luck's Boutique
Brooch; Luxulite
Belt; Collectif
Stockings; What Katie Did
Shoes; Irregular Choice

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