27 February 2016

As Winter Turns to Spring...

It’s been four months since my last post. And although I promised a long time ago I’d stop apologising for unscheduled absence from blogging, this has been a little different this time.

When I left you guys in October I was on my way (If not already in) Germany with my boyfriend for a wedding and a little holiday, and although wonderful, only a few weeks later my relationship ended.

And it's a weird thing to say so publicly, but although I'm going to try my hardest to pick myself up and get on with blogging because I love it, there are hurdles I still need to jump over that might prevent it from happening so frequently.

Other than inevitable heartache over the end of a long and great relationship, I’ve spent the last three months in a very consuming sadness that hasn't quite lifted, but is getting there.
I'm currently looking for a new place, but as anyone who has ever looked to rent in London will know - it's an expensive mistress!

So I'm currently planning on getting life back on track, but it will be a bumpy ride!
I hope everyone is doing well, however!
Take care, dolls!

All there photos are from our Germany trip... I should use them somewhere, at least!

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