24 October 2015

Of Hangovers and Vintage Fairs

Hey guys! How are we all doing?
I'm currently panicking about sorting myself out for a Germany trip (of which I will be on once this posts), and other stuff is happening which means I've kinda lost my winning streak of blog posts! Oops.
More stuff will be coming soon, but I have a hell of a lot of bratwurst to eat for the week, so if you're interested, keep in touch on Instagram

But on with this post, of which I need to set the scene first.
It's Saturday afternoon. I've just eaten a massive Korean-style burrito, and I'm nursing a massive hangover, thanks to the aforementioned dressing up as Ariel at a Princess Party. 
Surely, nursing a hangover doesn't usually suggest going out and walking around at a vintage fair, does it? 

So that's what we did. 
Sore in the head and later than planned, we headed off for The Classic Car Boot Sale, which comes around twice a year bringing us classic cars and stuff being sold out the back of them. This time the fair was situated in the square in Kings Cross (past events were at Southbank and Victoria Park in Stratford.)

Unfortunately, I have little to say about this CCBS - other than the aforementioned burrito, I didn't buy a thing! Sadly a lot of items were overpriced or in extremely bad condition (I'm looking at you, woman who was selling a lucite bag with the disease!! SHAME.) - or in fact, both, in regards to one 40's dress going for £170 with massive rips throughout it!

But we still got some great photos - and we got to see Mr Wilson's Second Liners - of which you need to watch THIS VIDEO OF. RIGHT NOW. Because it really helped these hungover idiots!

Aaaaand of course we got some great photos! I'm wearing a dress I bought from EShakti which I'm in love with, and hopefully I'll do a little post on them soon! 

Also, can I take two seconds to get excited about my Apple Watch? I was concerned about making it work with my wardrobe - but as you can see, it looks right at home! 

Necklace: Vintage (charity shop)
Brooch: Luxulite
Dress: EShakti
Bangles: Vintage and Splendette
Belt: Collectif
Bag: Vintage (from a previous CCBS)
Shoes: Miss L Fire

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