19 March 2016

Planten Un Blomen

Do you ever make something that in your mind is perfect, and when you make it is also perfect - but actually you can't stand the damn thing after a week?

Just before we went to Germany, I decided I had absolutely nothing to wear for the wedding we were going to - which we all know is certainly not the case - but I decided to make something the day before our flight anyway. Just call me Last-Minute-Melody!

The fabric is a lovely mid-weight cotton with a Japanese-styled fan design in gorgeous autumn colours that I thought would really work with the time of the year - and as you've probably already guessed, the pattern used is my favourite B5880.

As always (you can check out my other B5880's here.), my B5880 is now very different to the original, without the neckline notches, an altered neckline and this version has a circle skirt instead of the original sarong-style.
This dress has a centre-back zip, faced neckline and bias-bound hem and arm holes. And - get this - NO POCKETS. I ran out of time (Shame on me!)

As I mentioned before, in my head this was a winner. Once it came off the machine, it was a winner. Three hours into wearing it? Yeah, I wasn't that fond of it all of a sudden.
I can't even pinpoint what it is, but unfortunately I don't think this dress will really be loved as much as I once thought!

Hair Flower; Lady Luck's Boutique
Brooch: Luxulite
Necklace; Vintage
Bangles; Vintage
Shoes; Miss L Fire (second-hand)

So I'm wondering - does this ever happen to you?

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