10 October 2015

The Last of the Summer... Gingham

Alternative title; MORE BLOODY GINGHAM. MORE BLOODY B5880.

Hi guys! How are we all doing? I accidentally missed a week there because I was too busy getting drunk dressed up as The Little Mermaid...  Hopefully you guys have had a week quite as awesome as that?

Yes, that is what you think it is!

I made another B5880 in gingham. I'm approaching this post with general nonchalance because really? There's nothing I can tell you about this dress that you haven't already heard from the ONE TWO THREE FOUR versions of this dress I've made (there's also one I haven't blogged about AND another one in the making - it's B5880 mania here!)

Soon enough I will patent this sort of tit-shot.

The main difference between this dress and the Check-Ah Check-Ow is the ric rac trim on the neckline and the pockets - and I have out-done myself pocket-wise, since these behemoths can actually hold an A4 magazine.

Other than that, this dress is practically identical. Still has the boatneck-styled neckline, the back zip and pleated dirndl. And frankly? It works for me. The blue gingham dress is still in heavy rotation now, even though it's getting colder, so why not exactly the same thing in another colour?

The construction for this dress has become so easy that even someone quite as slow at sewing as I am managed to get this done in about a day and one morning. Although that morning was 7am after drinking and I may or may not have sewn the ric rac skew-iff because of that. I have cleverly hidden that from view in these photos though, of course, because no one should have to see bad ric rac placement.

What are your thoughts? And how do you feel about making/buying the same thing in different colours?

Brooch: Luxulite
Bangles: Vintage and Splendette
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Bag: Vintage

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