25 November 2012

On My Sewing Table..

My sewing table is actually my dining room table, so it's less on the sewing table and more like hanging up waiting to be finished...

But no one likes a pedantic, kids.

I'm starting on the pullover/top/overlaying top/whatever that will be part of my No Cock Nor Tail outfit for a Christmas party.
The dobby print 'lace' has been in my stash since the beginning of the year. I'd always planned to make myself a nice bra and knickers out of it, because it's so wonderfully soft and stretchy - but it never happened, mostly due to the fact I find bras really, really difficult.

The pattern is what I call a Frankenpattern - It's a fusion of two patterns, in this case the Bow Tied Blouse and Wiggle Dress from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing;

I thought I'd be helpfully mad and draw you a little How To Frankenpattern - be warned, I drew this after being up for nigh-on 15 hours and it gets a little crazy;

Click for larger, be warned of crazy. And an inability to draw in a straight line.

The gist of the Frankenpattern was to lay the kimono sleeves of the Wiggle Dress over the Bow Tied Blouse to give me the pattern I wanted. I traced both in a size 16 [which is surprisingly bang on my measurements] and trued the pattern according to the measurements I wanted. I forgot that the fabric I was using was stretch, and the whole thing was a million sizes too big on my muslin, so I ended up constantly trying on, sewing, trying on, sewing... Until it fit me perfectly.
At this point I ditched the button-back of the original design, because I don't want any sagging, so I have two pattern pieces with 'decorative darts, and little underarm gussets!

Aww, little underarm gusset!

And that's all I've got for you this time around! I'm already finding it difficult to sew, even with a stretch stitch, a ballpoint needle and an increasingly painful amount of patience!

I hope your weekend went well, loves!
Melody ♪

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  1. Ooh can't wait to see it when it's finished



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