20 June 2012

Ohh Lulu Betty High Waisted Knickers

Back in April [!], I was lucky enough to win the Ohhh Lulu Betty High Waist Knicker pattern giveaway!

As my first real PDF pattern project, it was fairly simple to use - although I'm so glad I made a toile first, because the fit at first was.. disastrous, to say the least. Why I thought that the largest size on the pattern would fit, I don't know.

Front and back
These are pretty simple, really. Black four-way-stretch powermesh for the side panels and polka dot cotton for the front and back - I decided on the cotton for two reasons 1. to see if woven fabrics work on lingerie 2. I couldn't find any stretch satin.
Woven fabrics, on the bias, do work. But be generous with the sizing - the sides need to be a bit bigger to compensate for the fact the woven fabric has little give.

I feel there isn't much to talk about with these, other than they take hardly any time to sew up - I'd say a few hours, including the elastic, which thanks to the Ooh La La Pin Up Sew-along, I've now learned the proper way of using lingerie elastic - and it makes for much neater edges!

Elastic and gusset, because gussets are important.
The big shame on this is that they're still a big snug, and I feel a little bit awkward wearing underwear I'm not sure fits me - which hopefully will be rectified soon enough with a bit of summer weight loss!

All in all, I think the Betty pattern is wonderful, and being that it's so easy to use [with an easy-to-follow sew along to match], it would be a great, easy project for anyone - so go get your knickers on!

Melody ♪


  1. Saw these on burdastyle and I had to comment! Your blog is so great! I've never tried sewing lingerie before but it's something I've always wanted to do. These are too cute.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and follow! I really appreciate it!

      And as for lingerie, I won't lie, it can get difficult - But there's just something a little more special about making your own lingerie, and it's definitely worth trying out!

  2. Wow these look great, I love them! Very tempted to make some myself now! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

    1. DO IT!
      I bet they would look absolutely fantastic on you!

      And thank you ♥

  3. Those are so cute! I've got such a thing for pin-up lately. I bet those would be lovely out of a bit of stretch silk.

    1. Ah, my original plan was polkadot stretch satin! And a stronger powermesh.. But polkadot stretch satin doesn't seem to exist in my world, and I need to learn to stop buying fabric on eBay, thinking I'm getting the same quality that I THINK I'm getting!


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