24 May 2012

Vogue's V2902 in Polkadots

I'm one of those people that no matter what - I will choose polkadots over every other pattern ever.

I bought this Vintage Vogue from a shop near my boyfriend's house over a year ago now [40% off, hellz yeah!1!], and it's literally been sat in a box waiting for me to continue sewing for myself for as long.

Originally I'd wanted to use the same fabric I'd used for my Polkadot Teddy, which is a lovely woven cotton which is highly durable and a nice weight, however, the fabric I'd had leftover wasn't enough to even touch half the skirt! I resorted to eBay fabrics - and bought a nice, inexpensive printed cotton.

I've used printed cottons before, and I learned the hard way a long time ago that colourfasting the fabric is absolute necessity should you actually want black fabric by the time you've finished sewing. Unfortunately, this fabric didn't seem to want to do so the first time - and so throughout the fabric you can see faded lines where I'd folded it for storage, and outside of these pictures, you can tell that the colour is fading badly - not so pleased.

Other than the fabric... I literally have no qualms about this dress. I love it! 
I had to grade the pattern up to my sizing, as usual [I doubt I'll ever actually be a commercial-pattern-size-18], but the fit is just perfect!! The waist sits right, the neckline sits right on my boobs for once - and the skirt - oh the skirt!! This pattern will forever be my circle skirt block - without a petticoat or underskirt, it is so beautifully full - and flatteringly so! It drapes over my giant hips so wonderfully, I'm quite literally in love with it. 

I drafted some pockets into the sideseams [I love me a side zipper, too], and one thing I will remember to do in future is allow for more room in the pockets, I'm always afraid my poor phone is going to fall out!

As usual, I got lazy with hemming [no one should ever want to hem six metres of circle skirt], and used bias binding, but I have a horrible problem with matching, and decided to tie it in by taping the.. top.. bit.
What would you call that bit? A neckline..piece? It's like an interfacing but not!

I'm sorry for the 2003-esque Myspace shots - I'm planning on getting over my fear of taking non-mirror pictures of my full body soon, now that the sun has come out. [And yes, I took a picture of myself whilst trying on fascinators in TK Maxx, I'm one of those people!]

So what do you think? Have you ever used V2902? Are you particular to polkadots? Do you know what that top bit could be called?

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  1. I love that pattern and you can't beat polka dots! Itlooks gorgeous on you! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

    1. What I love the most is just how versatile it is with just simple changes in the neckline! In a plain colour this would be just perfect for any occasion!

      Thankyou xx

  2. gorgeous! can i ask, how much material did you need to make the circle skirt part? i dont have a pattern but i am going to try and make one.


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