28 June 2012

Polkadot Circle Skirt

Top; Primark
Belt; ASDA
Petticoat; Malco Modes
Accessories; Primark; ASOS
Shoes; South

Behold, follwers! I have finally taken a picture of myself wearing something I've made!!
Apologies for the messy dining room background - isn't it annoying when you take pictures outside and they don't go as you wish?

This is fairly simple, made up in just over a day, polkadot polycotton [the same as both the Betty knickers and V2902 dress - meaning HELLO FADING], using the Vogue V2902 skirt as a base, because I really do love the fullness.
This simple skirt, however, features a fused waistband, a side zip and two side pockets, as well as a hand-sewn catch stitched hem - my favourite cheat for a circle skirt.

Pocket inserted into a side-seamed invisible zipper, and finished off by simply pinking

I managed [somehow] to insert a pocket into the side seam... where I'd placed an invisible zip. This was no easy feat, but I stormed through, and managed to actually work it out all by myself [Aren't I a clever one?].
The result was far from perfect - but once I perfect the technique, be sure that I'll be setting up a tutorial on here!

Also, I'd like to point out that I have finally managed to pattern match! Forget the pocket on the first picture above, and you'd see perfectly-matched polkadots! ... Okay, I won't lie. This only worked out on the right-hand side.. the left [as you can see in the topmost picture] didn't fare so well...

Hand-sewn catch stitch, using bias tape. And the front - almost invisible!

Although I adore circle skirts, and they're always noted as the easiest of sewing projects - I find hemming them difficult. My ultimate cheat is bias tape and catch stitching! Although hand-sewing takes it's time [two hours for half a skirt, anyone?], I think it's a great project to sit in front of a tv with, and when you get nearly-invisible results - hand sewing wins for me!
Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for this cheat, too?

My first ever machine buttonhole - now that my new machine actually does buttonholes!

For a simple skirt, I feel like I had a lot to say...
What are your thoughts on it? Or the fact that I finally have an image of me wearing an item I made - Does that help the aesthetic any?
And would you like any tutorials on the techniques I've mentioned?

From me and my awkward posing-in-direct-sunlight, I hope you enjoy/ed the week!!
Melody ♪

EDIT: Now on Burdastyle!


  1. Wow this looks so great, well done! Gorgeous! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  2. gorgeous skirt! i love your blog... i am going to try and make this too now! :D

  3. I adore this outfit. It looks great on you!

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  9. loved this so much i had to add it to my pinterest inspiration board :)

  10. Waw this skirt looks really good in general and good on u. sooo cute

  11. Love this! I just found your blog and I'm devouring it whole. Beautiful makes darling!


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