12 August 2017

Museum Wandering At The V&A

Well hey there guys! How are we all doing? Last weekend a good friend of mine was in London and we went on a little museum adventure. We hit the Tate Modern to check out the new building on the Saturday, and on the Sunday we ventured into the V&A.

I wore this sample Lindy Bop dress that the ultra-babe Bethany gave to me (perks of having friends in high places ;) ) back in May because it's my favourite. I wish they had more in this style - it's so comfortable! The 60's style boat neck also features little bows on the sleeves, which is my favourite feature.

The V&A has the best fashion exhibition on for free, spanning five centuries and featuring a few of my favourite things. This 1700s Court Mantua leaves me speechless every time! First of all, the sheer size of the thing is gorgeous insanity. Then there's the craftsmanship of the fabric itself with it's metallic embroidery.

Corsetry has fascinated me since I was young. These early 16/1700s stays are no exception! The bottom stay is probably my favourite historical corset of all time. It might not be the most supportive, but you have to love how it looks!

I'm a real sucker for bows on sleeves, evidently!

This Schiaparelli necklace is SO my thing! I'm on the lookout for plastic pinecones to make my own version for autumn, I love it that much.

There's so much at the V&A that it's impossible to look through all of it in one day, let alone post about it! But these are some of my favourite pieces. Have you been before?

Necklace&Bangles; Vintage
Dress; Lindy Bop (sample)
Brooch; Luxulite
Bag; Zatchels
Shoes; Rocket Originals

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