16 November 2016

#China - Snapshots of Shanghai

Since I've never been to Shanghai before, I was pretty excited about everything I saw.

The first three days we were at the show so there wasn't much to see, but the fourth day we were in Disneyland Shanghai (another post for another day),  and the fifth in central Shanghai at the Yuyuan Tourist Market, Jing'an Jade Buddha temple, Nanjing road and then The Bund. 

These are just a little collection of my favourite photos! 

Team Vendula London! 

Literally everywhere had neon signs.

Casual street factory, no big deal.

Just a woman selling budgies on the curb. Again, no big deal.

Pretty derpy looking door handles in Jing'an Temple

Lost In Translation

Yuyuan Market. Such a beautiful place, especially since it's a tourist market.

I wish I knew.

Cute 30s style Chinese woman holding a Rollieflex
Typical tourist photo at Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road - A cross between Oxford Street and half of New York. Also including the Eye of Sauron. God knows why.

The spectacle that is The Bund! 
I'm not sure what tea and punching has in common, but I also don't want to know.

Because you can't go to China and not expect a huge statue of Chairman Mao.

This one makes me laugh almost every day.

Snapshots of the Jing'an Temple

Not long after I took this picture I was blessed by a monk.

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