5 September 2015

Toucan Play At That Game!

Well, hello strangers!
How are we all doing?

I've been busy lately doing the usual - a combination of work, not-doing-a-lot-but-taking-up-a-lot-of-time, drinking and watching Netflix. It's not a good excuse, but, you know, Netflix.

I left you a whole 8 weeks ago (bloody hell!) with a new hair colour that I had every intention of using for a few outfit posts as a challenge for me to co-ordinate, and to create a little bit more content.

But, Netflix.

Once my hair went pink, there was one outfit I was dying to wear together where the colours all worked perfectly.
This is the Toucan print that Collectif ran for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection (now sadly out of stock on the website), which was one of those prints that I adored as soon as it came out, but since it only came in a crop top/sarong skirt or sarong shorts set, or a sarong dress, it felt a little too far out of my comfort zone to really wear.

Gratuitous tit-shot with the gorgeous Luxulite Toucan brooch!

Of course, the sale and peer pressure made me buy the Kiki crop top, Alana sarong skirt and the Lucy cardigan in the end - but I left it a whole year to actually wear the bloody thing out!

Now. I won't lie, a sarong skirt is still so far out of my comfort zone that looking at myself in it makes me slightly uncomfortable since I'm so used to seeing myself in flared skirts all the time. Which makes me wonder - is there a certain style of clothing that you never wear? And if you do, how do you feel when you do wear it?

I personally gave up on pencil/fitted skirts a while back after realising I just didn't like how they looked on me - and although I prefer this sarong style, I'm still just not feeling it. It's a damn cute outfit, but maybe someone else would suit it better?

Let me know what you think, guys!
Melody ♪

Hair Flowers: Lady Luck's Boutique
Necklace: Primark
Brooch: Luxulite
Crop Top: Collectif Kiki (SS14)
Sarong Skirt: Collectif Alana (SS14)
Cardigan: Collectif Lucy (SS14/SS15)
Bangles: Lady Luck's Boutique ; Splendette
Shoes: Miss L Fire Aloha (SS13)

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