8 July 2015


Hair Flowers - Lady Lucks Boutique
Cardigan & Belt - Collectif
Brooch - Luxulite
Dress - Handmade
Bangle - Charity Shop
Shoes - Marks & Spencer 

Excuse my squinty eyes - it's been bright outside lately, almost summer-like, which is surprising for us Britons!

Also it might be because I am BLINDED BY HOW BLOODY PINK MY HAIR IS.

Yes, you're seeing this right, after four and a half years of the same red, I had a little nudge to go pink. It's not permanent (it's for a special event of which I can hopefully share with you soon!), mainly because I've come to realise that I have nothing to go with pink. This outfit will be my default for the next few weeks!

What's your thoughts, guys?


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