28 March 2015

My Vintage Wardrobe on My Daily

Good afternoon darlings! How have you been? I've had a pretty disastrous two weeks full of forgetting people's birthdays (six birthdays in my family in the last two weeks alone!) and working my arse off, so I'm a bit behind with the things I've wanted to do!

If you haven't been keeping an eye on my Twitter and Instagram last couple of weeks, you may not have heard about this little thing I did back in January - Me and the babe that is Siobhan were invited to do a photoshoot and article for My Daily!

The photoshoot was in the Collectif Spitalfields shop (which I run, in case you've never heard be bang on about that), and was a feature for My Daily's "My Vintage Wardrobe" feature, but we wanted to put an emphasis on Reproduction Clothing (and Collectif in particular, of course.) We find in the vintage scene that Repro is sort of looked-down-upon by a lot of people, so we wanted to show that you can have a beautiful vintage-styled wardrobe without the vintage!

Alongside the gorgeous photos, we had a little interview about our style and the role that vintage plays in it - Click Here to read more about it!  (and don't judge me for sounding like a tool - INTERVIEWS ARE WEIRD)

Let me know what you think of it, and have a beautiful weekend! 


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