6 September 2014


I'm possibly one of the worst bloggers - I'm SO behind!
All the way back in June (!) me and Gareth had finally shook off my birthday hangover and decided to enjoy the sunshine at Kew Gardens (a beautiful botanical garden here in London), which is one of those "We should go to this place" places that... you only go to after years of saying it.

The particular day we went was the day after my birthday (luckily two days after my birthday drinks, we'd had a whole day to sleep THAT hangover off!) and just so happened to be one of the most beautiful, sunny days we'd had. Somewhat luckily for us it wasn't too hot - those glass houses were certainly steamy!

The day, and Kew was absolutely beautiful. It was a place I'd never been to before, but one of Gareth's favourite places in the whole of the country and even though we missed the bluebell walk, the entirety of the gardens and the glass houses were gorgeous! 
My particular favourites were the area by the pagoda that had a scaled Japanese shrine and zen garden - and the Orchid house! How I love an orchid.

Hilariously enough, I spent most of my time working out what flower I wanted as a hair clip next...


After all the walking around (and pretending to eat bamboo), we got to relax in one of the glasshouses that had been made into a botanical gin bar and reflect on the day, and all the damn flowers we saw. There was a lot of flowers. And trees. And Geese. And Geese droppings. Kew is lovely, though, and I can't recommend it enough for a relaxing walk through beautiful scenery as a welcomed break from London's insanity!

Isn't this so nauseatingly sweet?
From myself, and Gareth - have a wonderful weekend my loves!



  1. Oh to Kew it up and wander among the glorious plants. Looks like a lovely time. Is it Kew Gardens that also has the Physick garden?

  2. Kew is honestly just so beautiful - and an amazing way to waste a day wandering around in the sun!
    The Physic Garden is in Chelsea, and one I've not been to sadly! It looks beautiful though!


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