7 June 2014

Working Nine to Five, What A Way To Make A Living

For once, Dolly's wrong! I don't work 9-5, and I do love my job!
So a while back I took some photos in the shop I work in.
And I wanted to share a slice of my everyday life with my lovely readers - although my life doesn't revolve around sewing, it certainly revolves around clothes!!

For the most part, I co-run our Old Spitalfields shop with my colleague, best friend and blue-haired drinking-partner-in-crime, the beautiful Izabela! And together we do a lot of cleaning and a lot of talking people into trying on amazing dresses - We also play dress up with ourselves, because who wouldn't? We're surrounded by pretty things for so long, it's a shame not to!

At the moment, we're getting in our spring/summer collection and slowly turning the shop into a summery beacon of beautiful retro clothing - as modelled wonderfully by Izabela. These photos were taken a few weeks ago now, after a long day of delivery working and changing the shop around - so we made sure to spend a little time at the end of the day to get excited about the new items in stock.
(For anyone interested, this great combo is our Kiki Jungle top and Monroe jeans)

But the real reason to come to my shop (What was that, you haven't been? Get your arse down to Spitalfields immediately!!) is the company of these nut jobs - in our natural habitat you may possibly see me and Izabela wearing matching outfits (This happens a lot) wearing our Dolores doll dresses in red polkadot, me accessorising in a Jean bolero and Miss L Fire Aloha's, and her in a Jo Bluebird Cardigan in blue (sold out in blue online!) and Miss L Fire Sundae shoes!

Come on, you want to come along and see our glorious mugs now, right? What if I said that the shop now looks 200% more adorable after our renovation, and the 21st June we'll be having a sample sale?
Look out for a new post soon on our renovation and details on the sample sale! For now, pop down anyway!

From me and Izabela, have a great weekend!



  1. Yay, I'm gonna be in London next month, I'll definitely be popping into your store. It looks like during the week is a good time to check out the market too, can you recommend which day of the week would be best?

  2. I wish I had found you guys when I was staying in London at the start of the year, your shop looks brilliant

  3. Wow! Who wouldn't be happy working in a place like that! You both look totally fabulous and I adore your outfits! That place really looks like heaven to me! :)


  4. Oh my god that is the most amazing job and suits you perfectly! It looks like a vintage treasure trove! I would love to come to the shop and to Spitafields! The shop looks so good though, congratulations on an amazing restoration! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk


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