20 October 2012

Wandering Winchester

Last week, me and my best friend finally co-ordinated ourselves to go out into the outside and go on that "girly date" to Winchester we'd talked about for weeks.
My initiative was to look fabulous and take photos. Hers, to look fabulous and drink tea.

This resulted in a day of drinking/buying tea, walking around taking photos, and being told by old ladies not to shave our nosehair because "it filters out the asbestos in the air".
Yeah. That really happened.

It's a beautiful city - filled with history, charming alleyways, cobbled streets and tudor buildings. And a good amount of pubs. Pubs are a necessity in settings like this - and they smell like proper pubs, not Wetherspoons!

Ginger Two For Tea - A really lovely little teashop that is probably my favourite of all time! They serve Teapigs teas [which are so, so good] and glorious in-shop-made cakes, and the staff are so friendly - it's a comfortable place for a cup of tea and a cake at a really good price!

Even on a drizzly Saturday it was just a nice day out, crawling through over-priced charity shops and vintage boutiques, confusing locals by looking somewhat out of place.

My gorgeous best [Does anyone else type "breast" when they type "best friend"?] friend, Trigger, being gorgeous.

I wore my wrap dress, and tried for a cold-weather retro look, wearing a beret and WKD seamed stockings.

I just ended up being asked if I was either a. French or b. In costume.

And there's Winchester Cathedral, because, Cathedrals.

At the end of the day, we came, we saw, we took photos, we drank tea... and then we retired to Buddy's Diner for fries and a malt shake, and then my thoughts got a little perverse... ;)

And that was my drizzly Saturday in Winchester! If you're ever down the South of England - do stop by for a pleasant day of staring at pretty things and drinking tea!
I hope your weekend goes well!


I'm totally regretting the curved borders; but too lazy to fix it - sorry!


  1. lovely pictures u are stunning love your hair

    I follow can you follow back?

  2. I visited Winchester a few years ago when my boyfriend was speaking at a conference there and I have wanted to go back ever since, it's such a gorgeous town. And we had dinner at Buddy's as well! Seeing this post has brought back lots of happy memories!


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