25 January 2012

Polkadot Teddy

This is something a little different from anything I've really made before - a teddy! Or a romper, playsuit, whatever you want to call it, I've made one.
I've never been that into teddies before, because I've always thought they are somewhat inconvenient - if you're sleeping in it, how the hell are you meant to work out how to pee when you're half dead? And don't get me started on the sexy funtimes. 

But I thought to myself - why not? If I make it somewhat shapeless with a drawstring, it should be easy enough to work in most bedtime situations, right?

This was the whole design process - click for larger.
I thought with tie-straps as well, it would be easy as pie to get in and out of in a hurry (Practicality isn't my speciality, but sometimes you can surprise yourself!). The whole basis of this was basically the now blog-centric French Knickers, squared up to create essentially a tube with legs. 

There was some fitting problems in the muslin stage (again, fashion school has gotten me into good, fabric-saving habits), what with the back sagging, the underarms looking awkward and the front sagging, too. But a little cutting and pleating and I came out with this:



A somewhat shapeless mess of polkadots! I'd tried hard to match my polkadots up - but as you can see from the center back and front - I have a long way to go before I get that right. (Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?) I bought this fabric, which I'm going to guess is a polyblend by the two-way stretch, from Shepherds Bush Market, which is a mecca for all sewing enthusiasts in London, because the shops all have lovely, helpful staff that will do anything to help you out - and you can haggle a price if you smile sweet enough! I think I got this for just under £5/mt, and due to my short body I only used around a metre of the stuff.

The original design as you can see above features a drawstring around the middle, which I'd planned to have a polkadot casing around the waist - but, well, I got lazy. I added some satin ribbon loops, and simply used an old satin robe tie, again, because I am lazy.

So much more flattering, even on a wall! 

I was quite happy with how this worked out, actually, and I also enjoy wearing it! The only problem I have - remember how I said practicality isn't my strong point? - is that it's on the.. tight side when sitting down. It requires a bit of strategic re-adjusting before sitting down to.. well, I'm sure you can work out. I'm going to guess a slight extenuation of the crotch should sort this out. Maybe the back's a little short. I don't know, honestly. 
Sadly, it's a little uncomfortable to sleep in. It might be due to the gusset again, I'll let you know should I ever get around to doing that.

But I will say that it is incredibly easy to slip off - I will brand this teddy as fully boyfriend-proof, tried and tested! 

Tie straps

Side slits - there's a lot of hip on show here!

And for how it looks on? I'd say quite flattering, myself! (Forgive me for having no better images!)

So all in all, I'd actually say a minor success - even if it's just for the fact I've warmed to the idea of teddies now!

What do you lot think? A yay or a nay?
And what's your thoughts on teddies/rompers/playsuits/sleepsuits in the first place?

Melody ♪

PS: Sorry about the brightness of the images - I'm in the teething stages of getting to know my camera.


  1. ugh i love it, n it looks so good on you ;a;

  2. I think it looks super cute and retro! Great job!

    1. Thank you!
      I think it's something about polkadots that just makes everything you make in it look retro!

  3. Oh wow this is gorgeous!! I love the ribbon around it, it just finishes it off! Sounds a silly question and you may have already told us, but how do you take it on and off? Always wondered how women wore these! Haha I love how you have boyfriend tested it! You look amazing in it too! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

    1. Why thank you!

      With the issue of getting it on and off, it's a step-in, step-out sort of job. I was always skeptical of teddies because of this [I have huge hips], as I was scared that store-bought ones where they are a little more fitted would never in a million years fit over my hips.

      So it's fairly shapeless so it can easily fit over those hips, and the tie straps are for easy removal without having to slip straps over my arms!

      And as for the boyfriend-testing... I have plans to get my sewing up to scratch so I can start a business selling lingerie, and as most women wear lingerie for their other-halves, it's always good to have a seal of approval for uncomplicated undressingings ;D

  4. OMG! I really want one! I too have bigger hips.....bum and everything else lol so i could never find one that would fit!

  5. It looks lovely on you! I've always wondered about the how-to's of teddies, too... they just seem so impractical, like you said. So.. the tie straps... easy off.. but I imagine mind would just end up on the bathroom floor for the rest of the night if I ever had to get up and pee.

    PS, I'm loving your blog!

  6. Looks gorgeous on you! Love it :)


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