24 February 2010


Hello & Welcome!
I'm Melody, (not my real name - THE SCANDAL!) a 25-year-old from London in good ole' Blighty.

I'm a sewing enthusiast with a vintage-modern style, and I like flared skirts, hard-to-walk-in heels, impossible pin curl sets, bourbon, the word 'knickers' and ridiculously uptight colour matching.

And no, it's not funny to ask if this is my natural hair colour.

Bourbon & Bras was originally to document my time at university - where I was studying fashion with an interest in lingerie design. I liked bras and my blood was practically half Jack Daniels (no student stereotyping here, no sir-ee!), which explains the title. That didn't work out so well, since I left studying, and it turns out I'm bloody useless at making bras - funny that!

The V.2 of Bourbon & Bras was my attempt at getting better at sewing, which quickly became my main hobby, and introduced me to the wonderful Sewing Blogiverse.

Skip forward a bit and here we are. V.3 of Bourbon & Bras and this little corner of the internet is a place to document my sewing, my style and stuff I like. 

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