15 July 2017

Can I Be A Raccoon Dog?

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite things in the world - The Tanuki. Statues of him sit outside restaurants and gardens to gather wealth. He's boss-eyed. He has a gigantic scrotum. So naturally, I have a Tanuki Print Skirt.

Tanuki make me so happy, it's hard not to laugh as soon as I think of them. I MEAN LOOK AT IT. I came across the statue when I was having a hard time in Tokyo in February. He just cheered me up to no end with his ridiculous little face!

Now, if you've been to Japan or have an interest in Japanese culture you've probably seen this guy before. However, have you seen Tanuki print fabric before? I certainly hadn't until now!

I picked this fabric up in the remnant section just outside Shinjuku's Okadaya in February. They have this great system there, where remnants are divvy-ed up into 2mt lengths and each bundle is ¥980. So thats what, roughly £7? Buying fabric per meter in Japan isn't the cheapest, so this is a great way to get some quality fabrics for a good price.

My eyes caught this cheeky little Tanuki fabric and I grabbed two bundles and ran to that till! My god, though, the quality of this fabric is to die for. It's mid-weight, and the texture is one of my favourite parts of this fabric. Japan does not do crap quality fabrics!

We've seen before that I'm a massive fan of the dirndl. Recently I've found myself more inclined towards separates to create outfits, and dirndls are an easy way to make skirts. Essentially, it's a length of fabric gathered or pleated to a waistband. That's it! Something so simple, yet makes the most striking of garments.

This skirt isn't rocket science and it won't win technical competitions. But hey, it's got everything I need in a skirt; huge patch pockets, a nice sweep, a hint of pom pom and it's red. Oh, and giant-bollocked raccoon dogs, of course.

I decided to pair this outfit with my burgundy doctor bag from Vendula London - mainly because of the frame charms. The Shabby Chic charms are pretty amazing since you can actually take the backs off to fill the frames with whatever you want. My tip? Match your bag to any outfit by using scraps of fabric in them! 

Bodysuit; Primark
Necklace; Topshop (ooold)
Bangles; Vintage 
Bag; Vendula London (Disclaimer)
Shoes; New Look (old)

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