20 May 2017

Outside The Comfort Zone with Yours Clothing

I would say I’m a pretty self-loving, positive human being.

I believe that loving yourself for who you are at this very minute is possibly the most important thing that a person can do.

But I still hate my belly. 

Hate it in the most loving way possible, but there’s no denying my entire style is revolved around hiding my belly - petticoats and full skirts are ‘the best’ silhouettes for me because it emphasises my waist, but skims over the ol’ stomach. 

So when Yours Clothing offered a collaboration, I thought it was about time I break down my own barriers and try something a little different, since I spend so much time telling other people to embrace themselves and be comfortable no matter what.

So I chose this dress. It's not exactly a slinky pencil skirt, but considering the styles I've been wearing the last few years, it was so far out of my comfort zone! 

And you know what? I feel great.

The dress itself is really lovely, a faux-wrap bodice with short sleeves, and straight-cut skirt with slight gathering both back and front to accommodate a little junk in the tum 'n' trunk, which is pretty great for a fuller shape like mine. 

I was originally attracted to it since it has a hint of 40's styling (another style out of my comfort zone), and I think it could easily be used in similar vintage inspired looks for my vintage girls out there looking for everyday clothing - but since it's made from jersey with a bold print, it's still modern enough for you gals that aren't so interested in dressing in the style.

One thing I love about Yours Clothing is that it actually caters for larger sizing, focussing on fit and comfort first and foremost. This dress is from their own collection and comes in sizes 16-36, and at just £29 it's not just accessible for quite a range of sizes, but also just incredibly affordable.

I took the 22 in this, based off the sizing of the hips alone, because I wanted to make sure the dress wasn't stretched over my stomach. I definitely chose the right size for a comfortable fit for me without showing so much VBO (Visible Belly Outline if you weren't sure) - this does mean it's a little loose on the bust and a lot loose on the waist, but that was a calculated risk I took, even if I'm sure I could fit into the 18! 

Also! The shoes I'm wearing are from Yours Clothing as well, and other than being adorable, lightweight and literally THE MOST COMFORTABLE HEELS EVER - these Block Heel Sandals are in two colours and sizes 4E-9E. you read that right, darlings, wide fit sandals you can wear all day and night! For £15, you'd be stupid to not buy them!

Bolero; Collectif
Brooch; Luxulite
Necklace and Earrings; Vintage

So I'm not going to BS you darlings, I'm not suddenly going to be baring the VBO at all times, but a dress like this is perfect for the start of the second part of my own body acceptance journey. 

I really hope you all join me and challenge that comfort zone this weekend! 

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