11 May 2016

Me Made May - Week One!

So we're one week down on Me Made May and I managed to stick to my goal and wore handmade for four days out of the week last week!

Originally I thought I'd have some sort of revelation about my style and what to wear during the Spring transition period, but the UK decided to surprise us with actual summer weather which has been pretty easy to dress for as a lot of my sewing is either straight up winter or straight up summer.

Although the one thing I am starting to realise very quickly is that I don't actually have that much handmade stuff - so apologies as I'm sure you'll see repeats a lot over the next month!

As always you can follow my #MMMay16 progress daily on Instagram here, and I'm also Snapping my outfits each day on Snapchat (search for melodyxmae), if you're so inclined!

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