10 April 2014

Madonna Was Wrong - Time Goes Quickly for Every Bugger Out There

Lately, I feel like I have no time.

I'm sewing, but the process is  s l o w.  I feel like in between working full time, socialising, making time for my relationship and friends, and doing awesome stuff (which clearly I'm always doing because I'm a downright awesome person, thank you very much for noticing) it just seems like sewing is constantly taking the back burner.

Don't even get me started on blogging, because as you may have noticed, I'm pretty bad at keeping a constant flow of blog posts! I want to get better and become efamous and live a blogger lifestyle of glamour and free shit but sometimes I have to clean bird shit off shop fittings in a market and get drunk with my friends and do things with my boyfriend (if you're thinking what I think you're thinking then stick around, we could be best friends ;D), and sometimes that takes over the time I had mentally planned to be for blogging.

I want to know how everyone else does it, how do you goddesses of sewing manage to churn out dresses weekly with busy lives when I'm only half busy and struggle getting one item sewn a month? Seriously, guys, tell me your secrets! Are you super human or something? Should Marvel be making comics about Ultra-Sewing-Lady and her magic sewing skills?

I realise the point in me wasting time to blog about my lack of time is frankly laughable, but hey, it's a start, right? I've even got artsy photos of a pocket and some pleating for you! Totally worth the time it took.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm so in love with that fabric and that gorgeous little bow, it's so adorable! I know exactly how you feel. It feels like time goes so quickly and there is never enough time to do the sewing and knitting I want to do! I don't understand how people make so many things and blog so often and have so many followers! At the end of the day your real life is more important then your 'blogging' life and your sewing can wait. Living in the now is what matters after all! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I have wondered this exact same thing myself. I'm pretty sure a lot of bloggers who churn stuff out are stay-at-homes or part-time workers. But I also read a tip on Tilly and the Buttons: if you can do at least just one thing each day, that's a big step in the right direction. I repeat the mantra "Just one thing" each evening when I get home late from work and feel unmotivated.

  3. Weirdly enough, I know bloggers who post two-to-three posts a week that are also working full time, with social aspects and relationships in their lives. But for the most part these aren't creative blogs in the sense that they're making garments, which I suppose takes a little less time?

    Since reading this (so sorry It's taken me this long to reply!) I've been keeping this mantra in mind as I sew small parts of dresses (this one just needs a bit of finishing and the other just needs a zip!) and it's becoming really helpful - thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Ha ha, your reply is funny because I usually post something every day on my blog but lately I've been neglecting my "duty."

  5. I toooootally feel the same way. I have hours of free time every night, but it still takes me forever to have a finished dress. I've recently made a goal to sew for at least 10 minutes per day. I'm hoping it will make me more productive and will make sewing more of a habit.


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