16 March 2013

How on Earth Do You Pronounce "Dirndl" Anyway?

Is it "Dern-dill"?

Either way, I made one.

I like a Drindl skirt, it's just a length of fabric gathered or pleated to the waist, and voila! Instant, voluminous skirt with endless possibilities!

This lace was a remnant given into the charity shop I volunteer at and since we don't sell fabric at our shop, often I come home with bits and pieces of fabric that may or may not be made into something. This lace, however, was just enough to make a skirt.

I know what you're going to say "Another black item, Melody. We are disappoint." I know, guys, I know it's black, BUT the fabric was free, right? Does that not count? Not even a little bit?
Even if you're disappointed, I'm certainly not. The lace is a lovely soft net lace overlay with a lovely little scalloped selvedge, with a cotton lining from my stash. I have a LOT of black cotton in my stash.

I didn't want to lose the scalloped selvedges against the black lining, instead making a feature of it, so I did make the overlay a bit longer to create a slightly scalloped shape because really, who doesn't love a scalloped hem? [If you have answered "me" to that question, we might just have to break up.] Sadly that.. didn't come up in the picture, because my petticoat ended up sticking out and hiding it for me... Damn you, petticoat.

As with all my other skirts, it has an interfaced waistband with hook and eye closure, and an invisible side zip, with side seam pockets, because I find anything without pockets as frankly useless garments, I need pockets damnit!
I'm actually planning on making up a tutorial for inserting pockets into side seams with zips, if you'd definitely be up for that, I'm happy to get that together for you in the future! Just let me know in the comments.


So it's not really a colour challenge like I was planning, but this skirt is a nice little staple item that can be worn with so many things, I think it deserves a little round of applause for being cute and lace-y? And really, where can you go wrong with a Little Black Skirt?
  • Fabric:
    Net lace overlay [gifted], cotton lining [stash], canvas interfacing [stash]
  • Pattern:
    None! All done on measurements.
  • Notions:
    Invisible zip [stash], hook and eye fastenings [stash], thread [£6]
  • Time to Complete:
    5 hours, from start to finish.
  • Make again?:
    Yes! A dirndl is a great little skirt that can be made from any fabric, and great for a quick project!
  • Total price:
    £6. For the thread I had to buy half way through making it. The rest was all stash/free!
£6 for a skirt is one thing I doubt anyone would complain about! But by all means, let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Have a great weekend, dahlings~!



  1. If you're going to get a lot of wear out of it then no shame in it being black! I love how you used the lace and you look gorgeous in it :)

  2. Very cute, I love scalloped lace. I always pronounced it 'durn-dul'

  3. I think it's super cute! I love that it has so much volume :)

  4. Thank you! I think my middle name should be volume, I only ever seem to make full-skirted items!

  5. Thank you! I loved the scallops far too much to let them disappear!

    I used to pronounce it the same, but apparently it's "drin-del"? Who knows, maybe there's a German reader who will let me know!

  6. Okay, you win, simply because I'm only JUST realised I've spelled the word wrong... /sigh

  7. because they are the cutest ;)

  8. OH GOSH please tell me where those shoes are from :o!!!

    I dont get notifications so could you leave a comment on my blog otherwise i will never ever know :o! AND I MUST KNOW!! hang on....are they irregulkar choice?!? i spy a resin heels ^_^

    xoxo Ruffles

  9. Thanks! You clearly have great taste in shoes! I have two pairs from them with those heels and i love how they look but they could have more cushioning on the ball of the foot! Its as thin as paper!


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