6 March 2000



If you're reading this then that's great - it means A) You're clicking links and thats good for me B) I'm also getting free stuff, also good for me.

This is just a little disclaimer about affiliate links and courtesy of products.
Every now and then I will be 'Sponsored' to post something, usually in the form of a free thing to post and/or review. We all love free stuff, and all posts that are collaborated will have this disclaimer linked to it.

This does not mean that I don't have my own opinions, I have so many, everything you read will be a true and accurate representation of what I think. You're not being deceived!


Posts and/or mentions of Vendula London will happen regularly because my day job is working for the company.
I genuinely love the products I work with and I believe they should be shown, which is why you will see them a lot! These posts are my own decision, and of my own opinions, and I'm not required to do them for work.
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