19 January 2014

Whiskey in the [Sewlutions] Jar-ro

Happy New Year, Darlings!

So if you remember, last year The Mistress of the Jar had been invented by the lovely Karen at Did You Make That? and she'd folded up our Sewlutions in a jar, so we couldn't quite forget what we resolved to do - because we had publicly declared it!

Last year I had extended my original comment to include certain goals to make blahblahblah;

  • I will make at the absolute least three items that are not black. 
  • I will make at least three items that are not plain. 
  • I will also step out of my comfort zone and make at least one non-full-skirted dress/skirt, one dress with sleeves, and step away from concealed zips on dresses. 

I'm going to say that I pretty much did it - bar the non-full-skirted dress/skirt and a dress with sleeves. My excuses for these are as follows;
  1. I have decided that skirts that aren't full do not suit my body shape and do nothing for my self esteem.
  2. Sleeves are difficult.
That's it. Take them or leave them, Mistress of the Jar, but I'm pretty happy with this lot so far!

Non-black item no.1: The "Glasto" Skirt 
Made for one reason only, to wear at Glastonbury Festival [to match my wellies]. Simple navy circle skirt - never made it to the blog because as you can see, it didn't really survive well, the pockets are coming off, the fabric is pilling and I have't worn it since, so it's never really deserved a post.

Non-black item no.2: "Check, Please!" Dress
This was made for a wedding [because my mother told me it's not a good idea to wear black to a summer wedding] using a self drafted bodice [the same used for my No Cock Nor Tails dress] and a knife pleated dirndl skirt. This hadn't been blogged amply because I was too lazy to photograph it, and then I moved to London and it all got a bit busy and suddenly it was winter.
It's difficult to photograph a summer dress in winter, you see.

Non-black item no.3: "She Says I Am The One" Dress
"Billie Jean is not my lover..." This is a BlueGingerDoll 'Billie Jean' dress, with a pleated skirt instead of a gathered one [This was the year I found out I hate gathers] made in BLUE. It's BLUE, GUYS. BLUE. No red, no black... and I still don't know if it looks right on me? Both these dresses were amazingly made, I have to say. Fully lined, nicely finished, I am still impressed with myself.
Never made it to the blog because I made this the week before I moved to London... And the rest of the reason is on the Check Please dress.

And now for non-plain! I'd realised I was making things that were either just plain, un-patterned black or red.. not anymore! I think the only plain item I'd made in 2013 was the Wearable Muck-Up top!

Non-Plain item no.1: "How on Earth Do You Pronounce 'Dirndl' Anyway?" Skirt
Blogged about in March, it's black, but it's not plain! This skirt was when I realised I hated gathering on my waist - In comes the pleats!

Non-plain item no.2: "Homage To A Mad Old Lady" Dress
Blogged about in July [And seemingly my most popular post?] this dress was made out of gifted sari fabric, has been worn to death, and nearly killed me in the heat of the great Isle of Man summer sun.
This dress was the beginning of my love affair with pleats - it's starting to become more of a long-term relationship, though.

Non-plain item no.3: "You Tart(an)!" Skirt
You know when you make something you adore and wear it at least twice a week? This is that skirt. I can't explain how much I love it, and how sad I'll be once the weather warms up and I can't wear it. 
It's a pretty simple skirt, bog-standard circle skirt in a medium-weight woven poly-blend [the kind that never has to be ironed], with velvet ribbon trim and bows on patch pockets. Not yet blogged about, I'll get round to it soon enough!

Non-plain item no.4: "Lace Be Honest" Dress (Fuck it, the worst puns are the best dress names!)
Also known as the "This has not left my body since it has been made" dress - to the point where I haven't even put the pockets on it.
This lace is also heavenly.

And so that concludes my 2013 sewing! 
It's pretty much everything I've made through the last year, but if I'm honest, the quality of my clothes have become so much better I don't even mind that I hadn't made much. For once my sewing was wearable, attractive, and something to be proud of - I'm stopped in the street by people wanting to know where my dresses are from, and I'm so happy to be able to say "Yeah, I made that." And that's more than any sewlution can offer me!

How did your sewlutions work out for you? Or even just your resolutions?
And what would your sew/resolutions be for 2014? I'd love to hear them!



  1. I love your style, and would love to wear any one of your creations!

  2. Congrats on sticking to your sewlutions! I love all your outfits, the tartan skirt is gorgeous! XxxX


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