15 September 2013

Lazy Sundays

SO. It's been a month since I started working at Collectif, a month since I've moved to London, AND a month since I moved in with my boyfriend.

Although the 45 hour work weeks can be a bit draining, they aren't without their merits - I get to dress up and wear lipstick on a daily basis, meet like-minded people, listen to 50's 'burlesque' tunes all day and play with clothes!

In short, I love my job.

Sundays, however, are one my favourite days. I work in the shop on my own, and start my day with a coffee and a wander around Seven Dials before a relaxed day of cleaning and chatting to customers [I'm sorry to everyone I talk my head off to when working on my own ;)].

I promise there will be more blogging soon enough, now I'm fully accustomed to my new life and job, I still have two summer dresses to show you! But in the mean time, if you're around Covent Garden soon enough, pop in to our shop and say hi!

I hope you all have a perfectly lazy Sunday!

Melody ♪

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to blog world! I am so glad the move and all the changes that went along with it has agreed with you. Nothing more than being happy. Looking forward to upcoming projects!


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