12 April 2013

I'm Not A Pink Person.

Yes, that is a badly drawn Grumpy Cat.
And yet I'm going to TRY, damnit.
You remember the unknown-origin sheeting I tried to dye a while back? I decided I had so much of it I needed to do something with it.



I originally planned to make a dress with New Look 6723, which I bought for a ludicrously low price at a fabric shop near my boyfriend's house around a year ago. I cut out everything, started to make the bodice, and by the time it had formed and I was thinking about the zip, I stared at this pink half-dress with disdain and pushed it aside.

The thought of making a plain pink dress bothered me. And it bothered me enough to not pick up the bodice for a whole two months. See. I'm not a pink person.

Back in february I tweeted this picture, musing to myself that if I painted red stripes onto the dress, surely that would work? It would ease me into a false sense of security, because technically I'm wearing red, right? And the pattern would stop me from thinking I'd turned into a pretty pink princess for just a second. As Roisin said, it would make a garment wearable for me.

Big/small, big/big, small/small
All I'd like to know, my dear readers - is does this actually work? Is pink and red one of those colour combinations that don't work? Or is it perfect and I should set about making a dress like this out of it right this instant? Maybe not the stripes? If so, let me know what pattern to make - Just drop me a comment with what you would do with some pink fabric and red fabric paint!

Readers, I need your help!

Melody ♪

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  1. Not fond of the stripes... but you can get stamps and stencils that would look good too, and you could do it in black or gold or any colour you want


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