10 June 2012

A Year Older, A Sewing Machine Heavier, and A Bit of Showing Off

On the 31st May, I turned 21! And it feels no different, seeing as in the UK the legal drinking age is 18. A "big" birthday, but no real perks to it, other than....

This is my new baby - a Brother XL6600, bought by my amazing mother and equally amazing boyfriend!
Her name is Gertie, since I'm the sort of person that has to name her equipment [Read: unhinged], and I thought Gertie was appropriate - but what do you think?
Do you even name your stuff - or am I actually that strange?

Exciting picture of exciting scissors

I wanted to take this moment, however, to just let everyone know about the amazing service that I received when buying my machine - because I was severely impressed.
I wanted a new machine, because my unidentified Singer was on its last legs, the tension had finally lost it, I'd had enough of not being able to change the feet [seriously], and although stitches aren't too important, I wanted a machine with a faux-overlocking stitch to tide me over until I save up and buy an actual overlocker.

I chose the XL6600 because of;
  1. The price 
  2. The stitches, including the faux-overlock and the stretch stitches 
  3. 1-step buttonhole
  4. Ability to drop the feed dogs [for the free-hand embroidery I used to love]
  5. Clip-on feet
The site that I found the machine was Sewing Machines Direct, and I couldn't be happier with the service.
Ordered on the Saturday, confirmed by text first thing Monday morning, to be delivered the Tuesday.
Tuesday morning we got a confirmation text of the delivery time [an hour slot], and they arrived within five minutes of the earliest time they gave.
Another text to confirm another delivery; a complimentary sewing pack, including 50 threads, a scissor set, five spare bobbins, and two spare packets of needles - all of this, and three years guarantee included in the free next day delivery.

An artistic collage of free stuff.
I honestly highly recommend them if you need a new machine in the UK.
And the XL6600? Works like a dream. Extremely easy to use, but powerful and just wonderful; I actually adore the machine.

Other than my beautiful Gertie, I got a bit spoiled this year!

Gorgeous Stratton Compact and sewing box from my siblings, a Stockings and Romance Bullet Bra from my boyfriend, a Jasper Conran bag from my mum and.. well, that's just an amusing card.

So I think now that my showing off is out of my system, I'll lay this post to rest - but if there's anything to take away from it, is that Sewing Machines Direct is awesome, and this is not how you eat cake;

I will one day regret posting that...



  1. I'm making up vogue 2902 and googled it as the bodice facing puzzled me a little. Found your blog with photo and thoughts and wanted to thank you for a very positive impression of the pattern. I've now subscibed to your blog, so keep up the great work! I've commented here because I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Week. Hope the weather's better with you than in Yorkshire. Still, you get more sewing done when it's raining !

    1. You know, as I read this, I realised that I've done the facing wrong...
      I lost the instructions in a move in September so I was winging pretty much the whole thing... Hopefully you have a better idea with it than I did!!

      I'd like to thank you for such a lovely comment, though, and welcome you to my messy part of the internet!

      And thank you again for the birthday wish! Sadly, it's as rainy here on the south coast as it is seemingly in the whole of the UK - and I'm sat infront of my machine just not knowing what to sew!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day and it looks like you were thoroughly spoilt! I love your new baby Gertie! If it makes you feel more normal my grandma has named her night light Alan, so we all name our stuff! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you!!
      I certainly was spoilt.. now I'm just waiting to actually /make/ something with her!!

      And I'm quite happy Grandma Second Hand Rose names her possessions also! I do feel more normal now!


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