21 March 2012

I Hereby Announce That I am in Love With Big Knickers.

I'd like to start this off with a little apology.
Life has seemingly gotten in the way of things I'd rather be doing with my time, and since I have started a job, had a major tooth infection, been ill and been kicked out of uni in the last fortnight, sewing has been at the back of my mind.

But onto more pressing matters; Yes. You have heard me right - I love big knickers.

Granny panties, high waisted knickers, retro high waist breifs, whatever you wish to call them.

I love them.

I noticed a month back that my underwear drawer has seen better days - I have some wonderful dressy sets and a few things that are strictly for the naughtier nights, but pretty, everyday items are honestly in the dogs house. They are either on their last legs or ill-fitting. So I got down to the serious business of designing some new underwear. Because I am poor and in desperate need of knickers.

Design - click for larger
So I have this lovely soft 4-way stretch lace that I want to use for a some high waisted knickers and a soft-cup longline bra [This means that Teaching Myself How to Make a Bra part two will be coming up soon - finally!], but before I decided to cut up this lovely fabric I wanted to make sure my pattern was perfect.

So I used the body of a horribly ill-fitting babydoll an ex boyfriend gave me years ago to make these;

These are horribly difficult to photograph - I could of posted up some pictures of me in them, but I feel that would bring the wrong attention to this blog, but I suppose it's easy enough to imagine.
Black sheer knickers with a cotton-lined gusset, picot edge elastic and the most awkwardly fat french seams you'd ever see - seriously.

Pointless closeups of the elastic and gusset
It works out that my pattern [self-drafted] is actually alright for once - it just needs to be taken in slightly so it isn't so baggy around the hips, the front legs need to be raised slightly and the back legs lowered because my arse is bigger than I estimated [sadface], but that's all!
I also need to work on my french seams - They would make my old sewing teacher cry, with how big they are!

Overall, I now have a new pair of knickers that are severely comfortable, suit my body type almost perfectly - and recycled a horrible old babydoll! Wearable mock-ups are always the best!

Now if only the mesh wasn't so slippery it causes my tights to fall down!

Melody ♪

EDIT: Now on BurdaStyle!

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  1. Wow sounds like everything's been so hectic, cuddles! I hope you are feeling better soon and everything works out for you. Haha I love that you love big knickers, I look forward to seeing them! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/


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