23 January 2012

Return of the Awful Satin: Tie-Side Knickers!

Now if you'd read my entry on my French Knickers, you'd know how much I hate this fabric. If you have me on Twitter, Tumblr, you'll really know how much I hate this fabric.

But I hate waste more, and I had about a metre of the stuff left. So in the latest edition of "I'm making knickers, yo.", I give to you my tie-side knickers!

These were inspired by the boyfriend, and for your collective innocence, I'll leave the details out on that. But I've wanted tie-side knickers for an age, and my only problem with them is that with being big, I want my knickers to flatter my body and sit under my navel, which is difficult to find when you have more belly than most. Often, commercial tie-sides are quite thin at the sides too - and that's just not really flattering on my body.

FairyGothMother's Satin tie-side knickers
As you can see - thin sides. So I thought I'd give mine wide sides - the possible downfall of the whole of these knickers, because, well..

Sadly they ended up just a bit too heavy - and of all things, I worked this out as I was walking around Islington at Commander's birthday dinner. With all his friends. "Yeah hi, how are you? Yeah, hang on a second, MY KNICKERS ARE AT MY KNEES." So they kinda had to come...off.

Well, as my mother said - 'A good woman goes out with her knickers on - whether she comes back with them is a different story!'

But other than that - they were surprisingly lovely to make! I had hardly any problems, and now that I've worked out how to sew knicker elastic on properly I'm certainly going to give it another go! A nice little redeemer for the dreaded Chinese satin, and I have enough to make myself possibly two pairs of knickers from to get me really familiarised with making lingerie.

The most exciting close-ups ever. I'm really happy with the zigzag stitching actually working, you see. Also featuring a hand-sewn gusset.

This is the back... suspiciously looking like the front!
All in all, I quite enjoyed making them, they only took about 3 hours to make, cost hardly anything in materials [cheap, cheap satin.], and although they don't really stay up and are confined to bedroom antics, that's kind of what they were made for in honesty - but other than that quite comfortable and flattering to my body!

I will end up making a second pair with thinner/lighter tie-sides in the future, just watch out!

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  1. How much would you charge for a pair of these in Disney-Belle-yellow?

  2. Good for you. Satin or silk panties aren't for fashion - they are a brilliant sex aid. Hope boyfriend was "happy".


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