27 June 2011

Pin-Up Panic!!

So right now there is little money, which fyi – SUCKS BALLS – and with little money comes the interesting task that is: Job Hunting. Oh. Fuck. Yeah. Me and Commander [okay, mostly Commander] have been doing up my CV so I look like some badass sort of human that everyone will want to employ, and I've had the oh so difficult task of handing them out to prospective employers whilst in the sudden sweltering heat bestowed on London in the last two days. First impressions, you know, make-up less and sweaty.

First attack:

Vivien of Holloway.

Really, the fact that my boyfriend literally lives up the road from VoH and I got excited about it the first time I went over to his was the primary reason that I took an active interest in retro/pin-up/vintage fashion. I'd been a fan, but never tried my hand at it. And my first sort of “vintage” piece was a black red bustier from there that Commander bought me as a Valentine's Day/White Day present. [And subsequently he took me to a burlesque show and bought me these beauties]

And I had a call back during my tube journey between Holloway and Stratford, in which I was asked by the lovely woman at the desk to send in an email with a headshot of myself with “vintage hair and makeup”, because as a vintage repro brand, the aesthetics are pretty much mandatory. This was no problem, and I got excited about it enough to envisage myself doing measurements on lovely ladies and prancing about in circle dresses for a while.

That was up until the pin-up panic began.

Am I vintage enough? Does my crappy-ass easy-done victory rolls constitute as a vintage 'do? Are my red lipstick and cat eyes really the right look?

I've been into this fashion actively for about.... a grand total of say 4 months? I'm still learning, and I'd like to think I have a certain “pin-up” look... But enough to start working for somewhere which is pretty iconic amongst pin-up, vintage and rockabilly girls [sometimes guys, too!], and I'm not so sure I'd be the best person to stand around and be part of this.

I suppose maybe I could be one of those “ugly ducklings” that they'll transform into a fantastic, beautiful swan... with v-rolls and shit.

Or I could just choose something out of these few pictures to send off and see what happens?

Or of course, option B is to sneakily do as much research as possible, do a quick photoshoot in the morning and have it sent off by the afternoon looking like a vintage queen!!

Or I'll end up working in a bar and serve ugly old men.


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  1. actually i was told by a few people that the lenses in tokyo toys are fake and they havent been allowed to sell them o_o i never shopped with them and have no confidence if they are good or not, so id rather not post it xD


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